The San Francisco Chronicle says that “no one in the United States is doing more to breathe new life into Fado.”

Mundo Portuguese Magazine has called her “the new voice of Portuguese world music.”

The Boston Globe called her one of the pioneers of creating a most unique hybrid of Fados with a contemporary 21st century spin.

According to the New York Times, “the conservatory-trained singer Ramana Vieira adds a New Age sensibility and instrumentation to the music with cello and drums.”

This venture brought her successful 2010 album,"Lagrimas de Rainha, " on to #43 on the world radio charts.

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“Amália Rodrigues is in my DNA, but so is Kate Bush, and I started out in a new-wave band,” Ms. Vieira said before a recent performance in New York. “My purpose is to open up the fado and keep exploring it. My group doesn’t have a traditional fado configuration, so we’ve had to evolve.” March 27, the New York Times writerLarry Rohter published a feature article in the Arts and Leisure section on the international boom of Fado music. It was titled, "Carving a Bold Destiny for Fado."